Updated August 27, 2019 (our web site is up & running but will be updated for the new show “Up Late with Johnny Potenza” as the weeks go on building up the the show)

                                          Itinerary for Guests and Talent

CTV Staten Island Community Television

100 Cable Way Suite 2

Staten Island , NY 10303


Agents, managers, media, networks, ect. use this email johnnyptv@yahoo.com (Please note do not send bookings or studio audience seating to this email, johnnyptv@yahoo.com is used for entertainment business only) We have new emails for that. Bookings for talant email: latenightjp+@gmail.com Studio audience seating & tickets email: (waiting on the email from production, it will be posted soon) We will be shooting the 1st Thursday of every month.



 Check in Time

  • Musicians / Bands 5:30 (please arrive on time to allow yourself adequate time to set up)

  • Talent 6:30

  • Audience 7:30

  • Dinner for grew & guest 7pm

  • Show Time Hours: 8:00-9:30pm



Studio Audience Seating: Please Reserve all Free Tickets online



           *Upon show time please put your phones on airplane mode and silence your device

            * You may take photo’s. 

            *Absolutely no video’s.  


                     *************Absolutely No Use of Drugs and alcohol *************